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...an ethnically diverse congregation representing the Kingdom of God

Thank you so much for visiting our church website. We count it an honor and privilege that you have taken time to know more about us.

We are a church with a passion to see people healed and set free, the church mature, and the kingdom of God advance through the manifestation of God’s glory and power. Basically we want to see God come into your life and show you His plans for you and see you reach your full potential in God.

Ephesians 4:11-16 says that Jesus Himself gave gifts to the body of Christ. The 5 fold ministry gifts are given for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry. When the 5 fold ministry equips the saints, the bible says that the body of Christ is built up (matured). The pastor is given to equip the saints to shepherd the people of God; the evangelist is given to equip the saints to spread the good news of Jesus Christ; the prophet is given to equip the saints to hear the voice of God for themselves; etc… The 5 fold ministry is called to mature the saints. We see this example in the ministry of Jesus. He did NOT start a huge church (nothing against huge churches)…He “matured” 12 men to do the work of the ministry. Those men were His disciples. They changed the world. Paul himself said…”there are many instructors, but very few fathers”.

This scripture continues to say that we should all be matured and not be like children tossed by every wind of doctrine. Jesus is coming again for a Church without spot or blemish, one that is holy and blameless. Our passion is to move in that direction.

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